Club Information

The Grayslake Wrestling Club Jr. Rams are a proud affiliate of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF). The is our official link into USA Wrestling and is our governing body in the state of Illinois for youth wrestling, including the operations of youth wrestling clubs and the rules, format, requirements, etc. of the tournaments we will be participating in.

The GWC is associated with the North Chicago Section of the IKWF.

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Mission Statement:

The Grayslake Wrestling Club (GWC) is committed to providing Grayslake, Round Lake and the surrounding area youth with a fun, challenging and exciting exposure to the sport of wrestling with a focus on providing a foundation of character building, athletic conditioning and skills development.


Organization Description:

Founded in 2010 by parents of local Grayslake athletes, the GWC is a not for profit organization developed to provide the community and it's youth with the opportunity to participate in a formal, competitive wrestling program and create a feeder program to the wrestling teams of the local high schools.
GWC is partnered with the Grayslake Central High School Athletic Department and Wrestling program to provide safe and effective facilities and coaches to ensure a fun, positive and competitive training environment.

As a member of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF), the wrestlers of the GWC will be able to participate in a number of local area IKWF sanctioned wrestling tournaments throughout the wrestling season.