The following are a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about both youth wrestling as a sport and GWC specific operations. If you don't find answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us. 

Does my child need to be a resident of Grayslake or a future Grayslake North or Central High School student?

No, as a cardholding member of USA Wrestling and Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF) member, only Illinois residency is required.

What age/grade can wrestle in the GWC?

Boys and girls ages 6-14 (K-8th grade). Divisions are split in the following manner: Bantam (8 & under), Intermediate (9-10), Novice (11-12), and Senior (13-14).

What weight ranges are used in club wrestling and how will my child be paired in practice and tournaments?

In most cases, children will be paired with others within a few pounds of their weight for practice. Season tournaments pair 4 to 8 children in the same division (age group) that are closest in weight. This will normally be within a pound or two. Wider ranges may be required for those at the low or high end of their division weigh distribution. Common sense pairing will still apply. Post-season competition uses bracketed weights up to 275 pounds.

It’s my child’s first experience in the sport. Should he /she wait until late in the season to enter a tournament?

The best way to learn and improve is to participate early and often. Practices will simulate live matches, but only a real match will give them the total experience. Early in the season, most tournaments pair beginners together. As the year goes on, opportunities to wrestle true beginners becomes less frequent.

Can my child wrestle in middle school in addition to the GWC?

Due to rule changes last year, wrestlers can now compete in IKWF club events (tournaments) while competing for their middle school. Contact Team Coordinator Jodie Connelly for clarification.

My child is an experienced wrestler. Will there be other experienced wrestlers?

The GWC has a unique relationship with GCHS, allowing participants to train with high school instructors and wrestlers throughout the year. Parent coaches active in Grayslake community sports will be working side-by-side with the HS team to develop club members. There are several experienced wrestlers who will be taking advantage of this new program this inaugural year.

Where and when are practices?

Practices will be held in the new Grayslake Central wrestling room. Practices will be from 6-8pm running November through early March. In November, we will practice Monday and Wednesday nights, adding Thursday nights in December through the end of the season. Where and when are tournaments? Tournaments are normally held on Sundays in neighboring communities. Most are within an hour drive of Grayslake. Occasionally the GWC will offer Saturday tournaments. Tournaments start in the morning with weigh-ins and run through early afternoon. Tournament schedules will be posted as soon as they are firmed.

Will my child have time for basketball or other activities during the wrestling season?

Yes, many wrestlers participate in other activities during the season. Practices and tournaments are not mandatory and allow for the conflicts life presents.

How does the GWC protect its members from hygiene issues?

The GCHS team will clean all mats prior the youth practice. Mats will be cleaned after our practices end. Participants and parents will be educated on hygiene requirements (skin issue identification, cut nails, showering after every practice, laundering, etc) before and throughout the season.
Does the GWC encourage or facilitate weight loss for its team members? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Physical and dietary health is important for all athletes. Only healthy habits will be introduced and supported in the GWC.

What do I need for practice and tournaments?

Shorts & shirts (no buttons or zippers), headgear, and wrestling shoes are required practice gear. Jewelry cannot be worn. Additionally, wrestling singlets will be provided for tournaments.

Do I need expensive shoes or headgear?

Wrestling specific shoes and headgear are required, but high-end options are not needed. Local sports carriers and models will be highlighted on our website and during parent meetings. Wait until the second week of practice to purchase these items if needed. They will not be required the first week.

Can parents stay at practice?

Parents are not obligated to stay at practice, but are welcome to observe anytime. Please speak to the GWC staff before actively taking part in practice. Those parents who choose to drop off their wrestlers should e prepared to pick them up promptly at the scheduled conclusion of practice.

Can I help coach?

The GWC Board and GCHS staff will consider coaching applications. Previous wrestling experience is helpful, but may not be required depending on your role. To become an official mat side coach at tournaments, an USAW coach’s application and screening is required.

What else can I do to help?

The GWC has a Board of Directors who will be looking for volunteers for team activities throughout the season. Our main charge will be running our first annual tournament. Parents will be required to volunteer a minimal amount of time during this single weekend. Several other team activities will require parent support.

How can I learn more about the sport and the GWC?

Links to USA Wrestling, Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation, GCHS and other informational sites will be continually added to our website. Discussion topics can be introduced and explored via our Facebook page. Parent informational meetings will be scheduled and will include “wrestling 101” sessions. Board members will be available at practice, by e-mail and phone throughout the year.